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Japan Environment Project

The purpose of this project is to replace the eyestrain-causing "Toyland" environment graphics with a complete new geographical environment, specifically, one based on Japan. This page lists all the relevant sprites and tracks the progress of their replacement.

Please post all comments, corrections, improvements, etc. to this page to the Transport Tycoon Forums, Japan Project

Trains Table

This is a table of the proposed Japanese trains, with pictures and links.

Trams Table

Japan has enough trams to make use of the new Tram feature in Patched TTD.

Trucks (Road Vehicles/Lorries) Table

The Japanese trucks tend to be fairly small and different than ones more commonly used elsewhere.

Bridges Table

This is a table of the proposed Japanese bridges, with pictures and links.

Scenery and Buildings

Here are various Oriental-style buildings, trees, and other scenery. There are also various pictures of Japan and China, for reference use as to scenery colors and trees.


Japan has its own style of stations, although some of them would also fit in elsewhere.

Industry Vectors

Thoughts on potential new industries more representative of Japan. This is open to comment and change.

Contributors So Far:

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