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This is the official website of the Japan Railways Train Set for Transport Tycoon Deluxe. What on earth is that, you say?

The game Transport Tycoon Deluxe was released by MicroProse in 1995. It's been abandoned by them long ago, but there are still die-hard fans who wanted to see improvements to things that were lacking in the original game.

Enter the Patch, written by Josef Drexler. Originally intended to fix bugs and make a few minor operational changes, it has evolved into almost a competely new game, though it still runs on top of TTD and is clearly recognizable. One of the more interesting developments to the Patch is that it allows the construction of completely new vehicle sets. The Japan Railways set is one of these, representing Japanese railroading from 1920 - 2000 and beyond.

In order to use the JR set, you'll need the game and the Patch. The game has long been gone from stores but can still be found posted for download on the web - although we daren't tell you where, you can find clues at the TTD Forums. The Patch is free for download, as is the Japanese set.

Use the nav links along the side to explore the set and find out additional information. If you wish to contact or join the development team, you can post at the Forums. Here is the development site. Even after the set is nominally competed, there may be further revisions, so suggestions and volunteers will be appreciated.

This is entirely a non-commercial product and no money has changed hands at any time during its creation or distribution.

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