All the elements of the American Transition Set are copyrighted to their respective artists, as detailed in the accompanying readme file. The Set may not be used in any for-profit undertaking, in whole or in part. Other use is restricted under applicable laws. The Set as a whole may be freely distributed as long as it is accompanied by its readme file, and is distributed under the GPL.

The American Transition Set for TTD Patch is licensed under the GPL license. A copy of this license is included in the compressed distribution ZIP file. The file may be decompressed using any ZIP program.

Please Note: The US Set cannot be in the same game as any other expansion trainset for TTD. Other trainsets must be disabled, or the US set will automatically disable them or itself. Read the README file for further information.

For alpha 66 and greater
(April 27 2008)
US Stations
For alpha 46 and greater
(Jan. 9 2006)
Industrial Stations Renewal Set
For r1683 and greater
(Sep 30 2008)
US Signals1.1
(July 3 2007)
US Town Names
North American Roads
Including Trams!
(Replaces US Roads)
(June 13 2008)

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