American Transition Train Set


The US has its own distinctive style of train stations. Now that the Patch supports custom stations, we should add some.

Passenger Stations

A really great station reference

Tons of current Amtrak stations

Postcards of some interesting stations

Design Notes
Note that most US stations will require more than one version, depending on how they will be used.

Standard Platforms

cornelius drew these platforms, which are what's used all over the US. You can use them when you are drawing any station as long as he's credited for them. If you have any questions as to which would be appropriate where, just ask in the Forum.

Southwestern Mission-style

1920-1960. These are found in California and elsewhere in the Southwest.


1920-1940. Typical Mid-Atlantic small town station.


1920-1940. Typical Mid-Atlantic small town station.


1920-1940. Typical Northeast suburban station.


1920-1940. Typical Mid-Atlantic rural station.


1920-1960. Very small rural station; could be anywhere.

North Conway

1920-1940. Not a typical New England station.

Classic Grecian style

1920-1935. Solid, heavy stone stations were built in major cities across the country, and many are still around.

Michigan Central Station

1920-1940. This station has been abandoned for decades but is still rock solid. More photos

St. Louis Union Station

I'm not sure what style this is, it looks like a cross between Mission and Victorian, with some Edwardian elements. But it looks nice!

Art Deco

1930-1950. This is Cincinnati Union Terminal, now Cincinnati Museum Center. There are tons of websites about this, it's quite famous in architectural circles. (I've been there many times, it's gorgeous).


1990->. Amtrak cares more about appearances these days. This is a midsize suburban station.

Nowadays Amtrak is trying harder to renovate existing stations, or if it has to build new, it does a decent job of it. There's no standard format, they go with whatever's available or looks nice in the area. Plenty of scope to find something that'll work.

Other Uncoded Sprites

Snowy Country Station
Small Victorian
Grain Depot
Steel Mill Platforms
Michigan Central Station
South Station (Boston)

Boston & Providence Station

Boston & Providence Station

Toronto Union Station
Grand Central Terminal
Cincinnati Union Station
Michigan Central Station

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